About Us

About Us

Developing Community Leaders
Since 1982 

» Founded in 1982

It all began with a $25,000 founding grant from Gannet, a $15,000 grant from Lilly Endowment, and the notion of two ambitious officers of the local Chamber of Commerce - Bob Griffiths and Mal Applegate.


» Developing Future Leaders

Griffiths saw the need for a local community leadership development program and began recruiting other eager minded community leaders to assist in what is now Leadership Lafayette.


"Without question, Leadership Lafayette is a community asset that just keeps getting better. More than 1300 participants have now been part of the Leadership Lafayette experience, expanding their knowledge and appreciation or our great community. They have sharpened their skills and talents while becoming more involved in the many organizations and agencies that serve us all."

Bob Griffiths, Leadership Lafayette Founder and Past Board President


» How it all Began

Originally called the Greater Lafayette Leadership Academy, the independent non-profit organization officially launched in 1982 with a class size of 30 students and a curriculum based on community awareness and leadership needs in multiple arenas.


» Strengthening the Community

As time went on, both the class size and curriculum matured and developed into a higher functioning community development entity. With a class size of about 40 each year, and a total of 1,361 alumni expanding over 75 non-profit organizations, the Greater Lafayette area has experienced a real positive difference from this program.


» 36 Years and Counting

Now, after 36 years and counting, Leadership Lafayette continues to drive the development of this community, and individuals, by using experiential learning techniques and promoting the importance of diverse professionals through the program.

"Although I had been in the community for five years, I was not fully aware of the many resources available. In addition to information, the Leadership Lafayette experience was a reflective one -- teaching me more about myself and enhancing my teaching skills. I feel better able to serve my patients, my employer, and my community."

Dr. Johari Miller, Class 31
Pediatrician, IU Health

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